African American association, Kanarys team up to develop DEI initiatives

HR leaders will be educated on best practice for sustaining diversity

African American association, Kanarys team up to develop DEI initiatives

The National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) and diversity equity, and inclusion (DEI) technology company Kanarys have announced a strategic partnership that will further the growth of DEI initiatives in the HR profession.

The partnership between the organisations came amid the growing demand among HR professionals to develop DEI initiatives, following strong social movement last year.

"With the growing importance of DEI and increasing demand for DEI training, it was necessary for us to work with a leader in this space to help guide our members. Given Kanarys' achievements, innovation, and data-driven approach, we're proud to announce our partnership that'll keep our members informed of the best practices in DEI," Erika Broadwater, national president of NAAAHR, said in a statement.

The partnership will further educate NAAAHR members on the best practices for implementing, improving, and sustaining DEI efforts.

It will also give them access to propriety tools, resources, and guidebooks to help develop the association's members become more DEI proficient and gain formal knowledge and training for the said specialty. In addition, the organisations will collaborate on research, webinars, industry events, and more to further said goal.

The partnership will also see the NAAAHR working with Kanarys and its other strategic partners on the Corporate Racial Equity Index, which is benchmarking and accountability tool to measure racial equity in the workplace and identify areas of improvement and opportunities for greater collaboration and inclusion.

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"We're grateful that NAAAHR has entrusted us to be their partner to educate their members on DEI standards and best practices so they can implement strategies that'll actually move the needle." said Mandy Price, co-founder and CEO of Kanarys, in a statement.

According to Price, the horrific murder of George Floyd prompted CEOs and company leaders to take a hard look at their DEI in the workplace.

Kanarys is also in a strategic partnership with other leading national advocacy groups, including Ascend Leadership, INROADS, the National Society of Black Engineers, Prospanica, and the Society for Marketing Professional Services.

Social movements have made a lasting impact on workplaces since their resurgence, with more than half of male and female leaders saying they feel more responsibility in creating a more racially and ethnically inclusive workplace.

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