Fun Friday: 21 ways your staff feel valued

‘Investing in employee experience is a direct investment into your business’

Fun Friday: 21 ways your staff feel valued

A little positivity goes a long way, even if it’s just a simple “thank you”. At work, a manager’s attitude of gratitude can purportedly increase worker productivity and job satisfaction. Thankfully, you can show your appreciation in more ways than one.

A recent study, undertaken in celebration of Employee Appreciation Day, uncovered 21 of the most heart-warming ways employers can stay connected with their staff and recognise their successes. These gestures of kindness in a professional setting are said to be workers’ “most preferred” ways of feeling valued.

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“As an employer, you get out what you put in, so investing in employee experience is a direct investment into your business’ results,” said Ben Austin, CEO and founder of Absolute Digital Media. “Fostering a strong company culture is vital for reducing staff turnover and ensuring a premium quality of work is sustained.”

One unique method emerging from the pandemic is the idea of celebrating the end of lockdown. “The past year has been difficult for everyone, but with the end of lockdown in sight, now is a perfect opportunity to show your team how grateful you are for their continued effort,” the group said. “Pre-planning a work get-together for when restrictions are lifted will give your team a sense of hope and momentum for getting to that celebration.”

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Another method that became popular during the lockdown is the sending of care packages. “Whilst your team are working remotely, it’s important to remind them that they are still part of a wider team working together for the greater good,” the researchers noted.

“Sending a care package is a fantastic way to show this and will lift team morale. From everyone’s favourite office snacks to a self-care pamper box, there are loads of different ways you can give a care package a personal touch that will resonate with your team.”

Here are 21 ways to make your team feel valued, according to employees:

  • Highlighting professional achievements – 83%
  • Giving bonuses and pay rises – 80%
  • Extra time off – 75%
  • Saying “thank you” – 70%
  • Care packages – 69%
  • Team activity – 68%
  • Celebrating personal achievements – 64%
  • Mindful work/life balance – 64%
  • Early finish – 57%
  • Free learning opportunities – 48%
  • Games night – 47%
  • End-of-lockdown celebrations – 46%
  • Lunch dates – 38%
  • Coffee break – 34%
  • Employee appreciation cards – 33%
  • Mentoring opportunities – 33%
  • Updated work equipment – 30%
  • Team exercise activity – 27%
  • Employee of the Month initiative – 24%
  • Employee awards ceremony – 22%
  • External perks – 15%

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