Enhancing employee experience top of mind for decision-makers: report

What's considered the top driver of a successful EX strategy?

Enhancing employee experience top of mind for decision-makers: report

Improving employee experience (EX) is the top priority of C-suite members, according to a new report, as they recognise its impact on their organisation's success.

NTT Data's 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report revealed that 94% of CX/EX decision-makers and influencers in a range of business roles said improved EX directly impacts their net profit.

According to the report, other factors also motivating EX investment include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction
  • Business agility, flexibility, and speed
  • Higher employee retention
  • Improved automation

Addressing EX in the workplace

But according to the research, 83% of organisations said their EX levels are low and this is negatively hitting their delivery and business success. Only 49% of executives are also very satisfied with their organisation's EX capabilities.

The decision-makers in the report believe that hybrid work flexibility is the top driver of successful experience strategies, with the arrangement retained across post-pandemic workplaces.

Source: NTT Data's 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report

However, 86% of employers said their organisation has yet to optimise a hybrid/remote working model, leading to deterioration in employee wellbeing. Only 48% of organisations also agreed that their staff have access to the tech they need when working from an office or from home.

Investing in technology for employee experience

According to the report, EX and technology strategies need better alignment to improve outcomes for organisations, including hybrid work arrangements.

"Technology enablement (correct and efficient collaboration tools) is the #1 organisational priority for enabling EX strategies in the coming 12 months," the report read.

When tech strategy is aligned with EX strategy, the report said outcomes could include reduced costs, improved productivity, as well as improved talent acquisition and retention.

NTT Data's 2023 Global Employee Experience Trends Report is based on interviews with 1,442 customer experience and EX decision-makers across 14 sectors and 25 countries.

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