5 warning signs you're about to be fired

These tell-tale signs can help you stay ahead even before the axe swings your way

5 warning signs you're about to be fired

It’s a scenario all employees dread: getting fired from work. You might not realize it, but there are actually signs around you that might hint at your impending dismissal.

These tell-tale signs could come in different forms, such as your manager not including you in important project meetings or your co-workers giving you the cold shoulder all of a sudden.

1. There’s radio silence
One of the most common signs you might get fired soon is if your boss and co-workers start keeping you out of the loop on important emails. Since you’ll soon be out of the company, your boss might not see the need to fill you in on the comings and goings at work.

And it isn’t just about professional matters. Your workmates might suddenly avoid you, too. It might not be the same as having a sixth sense, but you’re starting to get a weird feeling from your colleagues whenever you enter the office. You notice that your usually talkative co-workers suddenly go quiet as soon as you walk through the door. They might already know something about your fate, but they just don’t feel like sharing with you.

2. The road ahead feels like a dead end
Another proof you’re no longer part of any plans moving forward is if you’re no longer being given a chance to develop in your role. You used to be included in workshops and trainings, but you’ve suddenly been locked out of those opportunities. What’s worse is that your manager doesn’t seem to be interested in your career progression. All of these could mean that your boss doesn’t think you’ll play a role in the company’s future.

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3. Great work goes unnoticed
Employers often use performance reviews to let them know who among the team is lagging. Key performance indicators are designed to gauge whether an employee is on track. If your boss is no longer recognizing the work that you are putting in to the team, then it could only mean one of two things: you either don’t deserve the praise or the company doesn’t value your work anymore. In any case, looking for opportunities elsewhere might be a better option for you.

4. Side-stepped? Your boss now assigns your work to your subordinates
This tell-tale sign is specifically for employees in leadership roles. Employers are expected to talk to managers or supervisors when coordinating projects. But if your boss starts talking to your subordinates directly and redistributes your work to someone with less experience than you, then it might mean your boss no longer honours your position in the office. Your dismissal might already be a given at this point.

5. A ‘shake up’ is on the horizon
Whenever there’s a management shake-up, it usually means some members have been fired and new ones have been elevated in their place. As soon as you get a whiff of the word, you had better get ready because you might be one of those being taken off the board by your boss.

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