3 ways to support women leaders in your company

Chief People and Marketing Officer at Xplor Technologies reveals what's inspired her

3 ways to support women leaders in your company

Last year, the proportion of women in senior management roles globally grew to 31%, the highest number ever recorded by Grant Thornton, a Chicago-based accounting and advisory organization. Furthermore, 90% of companies worldwide have at least one woman in a senior management role.

That’s a direct result of more companies committing to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). But if higher-ups want women leaders to not only last, but also thrive in their roles, they have to support them. Nichole Viviani, chief people and marketing officer at Xplor Technologies, suggests three ways that companies can help women leaders feel confident.

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First and foremost is having an inclusive culture. “The culture must really value different working and learning styles, allowing women to see there are many approaches to success,” Viviani told HRD. “It’s important for women to know they can be who they are and leverage their strengths to progress.”

Secondly, strong role models and leadership sponsors are crucial. Viviani credits an early mentor for inspiring her to achieve everything she has over the past 16 years she’s been involved in the HR industry.

“As a young mother just starting my career, I questioned myself,” Viviani says. “When a new opportunity came around, I worried if I take could this on right now and whether I knew enough about the subject. He would just smile and say, ‘I believe you can do it, so you can do it.’ He had so much faith in my abilities.”

Lastly, companies need to promote a culture of open feedback. Whether it’s for course-correction or praise, letting people know how they’re doing on a consistent basis is important. “In a lot of companies, there isn’t enough feedback given on a real-time basis,” Viviani says, “but feedback is how we learn, grow and adapt.”

Viviani also shares which benefits and perks women leaders truly value in the latest episode of HRD TV.

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