Revealed: The top ‘must-haves’ in workplaces worldwide

Paid time off, competitive pay in demand across 6 countries

Revealed: The top ‘must-haves’ in workplaces worldwide

Paid time off and competitive pay have emerged as the top "must-haves" in workplaces across the world, according to employees and students.

Kellanova's poll among 3,500 respondents from six countries revealed that at least three in five of them want paid time off (64%), as well as competitive pay (60%) to be offered by their employers.

Other "must-haves" for employees include the opportunity to grow and develop (58%), equity, diversity, and inclusion (58%), and being able to bring their best selves to work (51%).

Source: Kellanova

According to the report, most respondents also want their workplace to reward them for the impact they make (95%) and the opportunity to unleash their potential and become their best (94%).

"Job seekers universally view attributes that benefit their individual careers and wellbeing as most appealing when it comes to work experience," the report read.

Focus on legacy, branding

Jobseekers also pay attention to an organisation's legacy and brand, according to the report. Four in 10 respondents said they consider a company's history of philanthropy and commitment to sustainability as differentiators.

Another 39% said they consider if an organisation is "beloved," and if has a hybrid office environment (37%).

Source: Kellanova

Kellanova's survey polled 3,500 students and employed adults from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Mexico, Australia and India.

Melissa Howell, Chief Human Resources Officer at Kellanova, said they engaged in a "thorough process" to understand the factors that existing and potential employees look for in an employer. 

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