Revealed: HRD America's Best Places to Work 2022

Celebrating the top companies that truly value their employees

Revealed: HRD America's Best Places to Work 2022

Ping pong tables, catered breakfast and free parking are just some of the amenities often considered part of a company culture. Well, that was before the Great Resignation.

But now, with companies across the United States experiencing historic turnover, employers are digging beyond nifty features and nice-to-haves to improve workplace infrastructure. After all, nearly 70 million Americans have quit their jobs over the past year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic to re-evaluate their priorities in life, employees have been leaving their positions for greener pastures, demanding higher salaries, better working conditions, improved work-life balance, and more opportunities to advance their career.

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In order to compete for top talent and keep those they already have, HR teams across every industry have been tasked with redefining what makes their company worth working for. Although extravagant benefits and perks are being dangled to get candidates in the door, what happens a month, a quarter or a year into their employment is even more important. If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that companies need to earn the commitment of their employees by acknowledging their hard work, demonstrating appreciation and investing in their future.

HRD's Best Places to Work 2022 report recognizes firms who have done just that. The entry process is comprised of two steps: an employer submission followed by an employee survey. For the submission, organizations had to complete an in-depth submission with questions looking at key factors such as: employee engagement, turnover rates, average tenure of staff, compensation and benefits, health and wellness programs, diversity initiatives, professional development, corporate culture, flexible work options, reward and recognition and green programs.

Companies that successfully completed the submission phase were then sent a link to an online employee survey to be circulated internally within their organization. To ensure the integrity of the data collected, employees were requested to provide their company email addresses. Organizations had to meet a minimum number of responses to be eligible for the Best Places to Work recognition, based on company size: 1-99 = 10 minimum; 100-499 = 20+; 500+ = 50+. The survey asked employees to rate their company across a range of metrics that constitute drivers of employee satisfaction. An employer needed to achieve an overall satisfaction rating of at least 75% to be recognized as a Best Place to Work.

Featured on the list are:

Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

Learn about the top employers in America creating an enticing company culture by checking out the Best Places to Work 2022 report.

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