10 signs you’re about to hire a toxic candidate

Are you making these costly hiring mistakes?

10 signs you’re about to hire a toxic candidate

Recruitment is perhaps the most changeable sector of HR. The advent of technology turned hiring into a data-driven, analytical process – one in which recruiters could statistically verify the very best person for the job.

However, technology isn’t everything.

In our people sector, instinct counts for a lot. A candidate that’s good on paper may seem like a dream hire – but in person they could be unmanageable, obnoxious and potentially damaging.

With the chaos of COVID-19, remote hiring has become the new norm – and it looks pretty much set to stay that way.

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This has both it’s advantages and drawbacks. On the positive side, interviews can now take place all over the world at any time – as Maaz Rana, co-founder and COO of AI video recruiting tool Knockri, pointed out.

“Video has become the defacto medium by which we operate in today's environment,” Rana told HRD.

“This is no different for recruitment.

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“The global talent pool has become much more accessible and enriched. I feel we're just at the tip of the iceberg here; competition for jobseekers is going to become even more fierce, as company policies in hiring remote employees continue to advance.”

And while tech is incredibly powerful, it can also make it more difficult for employers to read a candidate’s body language.

As a go-to guide, HRD pinpointed 10 signs that you’re about to hire the wrong candidate.

  1. They turned up late to the interview or rescheduled it a few times
  2. They speak negatively about past employers
  3. They haven’t done their research into your company
  4. Their CV is full of holes and unexplainable employment gaps
  5. Their online presence is unsettling
  6. They speak in a unrespectful, demanding manner
  7. They seem unconfident in the questions you’re asking
  8. They immediately enquire about workload or vacation days
  9. They lack the basic skills needed for the role
  10. They admit no personal weaknesses or faults

According to research from consultancy GHRR, 80% of all turnover is due to poor hiring choices, with 39% of organizations reporting a decline in overall productivity because of a bad hire.

A bad hire costs employers in time, money, and resources – so it’s essential to hone your recruiting skills down to a fine art. 

The best way to spot the very top tier candidates? Well, according to Rana it’s all about those key, transferable characteristics.

“It always comes down to the right skills, being able to identify them accurately is the recipe for success,” he added. “Whether that's supported by technology solutions or manual processes.”

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