Top 50 companies with the best pay packages – according to employees

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Top 50 companies with the best pay packages – according to employees

Do you believe you’re paid fairly? Workplace analysts from asked 10 million workers this question as part of its annual list of companies with the best pay packages.

For 2020, a winner on Wall Street in the work-from-home era climbed six spots to No. 4 to join powerhouses in tech – Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Amazon – in the top five.

Zoom, maker of the eponymous video conferencing platform, grew in popularity across the world during the massive shift to remote working in the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the home front, the company won approval from its own employees: it garnered 98% positive reviews from staff members who took part in the survey. This earned Zoom an A+ rating overall.

“As a testament to this, when employees are asked ‘Do you believe you’re paid fairly?’, 91% say ‘Yes’. The IT department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 100/100, a full 18 points above the admin department,” Comparably found.

Apart from the competitive pay, Zoom said it also offers employees free medical, dental, mental health and vision benefits; stock options; health savings account (HSA) and flexible spending account (FSA) plans; wellness and fitness reimbursement; unlimited paid time-off; paid parental leave for 12 weeks; and short-term or long-term disability and life insurance, among other benefits.

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Meanwhile, Google and Facebook have both consistently dominated the annual list, taking over the Nos. 1 and 2 spots, respectively, since 2018.

Google has 85% positive reviews and an A+ rating of its compensation packages. Salaries at the internet giant range from US$37,305 to $600,000. The three positions with the highest estimated salaries are finance director, HR director and vice president of product, the report said.

Runner-up Facebook garnered 83% positive reviews and an A+ rating. Pay ranges from $40,000 to $308,913. Jobs with the highest estimated salaries include VP of sales, group product manager and principal engineer.

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Amazon and Apple, on the other hand, made it back into the top 10 at Nos. 5 and 8, respectively, after falling just outside the top roster in 2019. Compared with other front runners in the tech scene, however, Amazon earned only 78% and Apple 75% positive reviews from employees polled by Comparably. This gives the two companies a B+ rating overall.

Amazon’s admin department is the “most satisfied” with their compensation, ranking it 85/100.

Over at Apple, the communications department showed the highest satisfaction, giving the company’s remuneration system a score of 91/100, the report found.

Here are the top 50 large companies (500+ employees) with the best-paying jobs, according to employees polled by Comparably:

  1. Google
  2. Facebook
  3. Microsoft
  4. Zoom Video Communications
  5. Amazon
  6. UiPath
  7. RingCentral
  8. Apple
  9. Netflix
  10. SBA Communications
  11. Thomson Reuters
  12. Farmers Insurance
  13. ADP
  14. LinkedIn
  15. Verizon
  16. T-Mobile
  17. Sage
  18. Bell
  19. Qualtrics
  20. Workfront
  21. Trimble
  22. Insight Global
  23. Medela
  24. GitLab
  25. Luxoft
  26. Ultimate Software
  27. Smartsheet
  28. ManTech
  29. Concentrix
  30. HubSpot
  31. KeepTruckin
  32. BairesDev
  33. Dynatrace
  34. Centric
  35. Northside Hospital
  36. Weave HQ
  37. Confluent
  38. Bank of America
  39. Seismic
  40. Vector Marketing
  41. BambooHR
  42. Malouf
  43. Citi
  44. Loanpal
  45. ZoomInfo
  46. Dell
  47. Alkami Technology
  49. Intel
  50. Pipedrive

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