The company with the most open HR positions is…Toys “R” Us

Out of the blue, the toy company has surpassed bigshots like Amazon and the US Army, with thousands of available HR jobs

The company with the most open HR positions is…Toys “R” Us
Looking for your next big break in HR? Try knocking on the door of Toys “R” Us. According to Wanted Analytics, the company has more HR positions currently available than any other firm in the US. The firm has more than 1,400 unique HR positions advertised online. The top five firms with the most HR positions currently available are:
  1. Toys “R” Us
  3. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  4. Army National Guard
  5. Charles Schwab Corporation
Currently, there are 51,000 unique positions in HR advertised online – a jump of 10% on the same time last year. Over the past year, an analysis of the locations found that the coasts offered the best chances for HR job seekers.
  1. South Atlantic: 59,515 unique job advertisements over the past year
  2. Pacific: 49,772
  3. East North Central: 47,578
  4. Middle Atlantic: 43,023
  5. West South Central: 35,143
  6. West North Central: 24,849
  7. Mountain: 23,861
  8. New England: 20,639
  9. East South Central: 14,209
  10. Location unspecified: 3,881
The company’s analysis also reveals just how much competition there is for the jobs. About 21,500 people graduated from HR-specific degrees last year, and about half of those were Bachelor’s degrees. The largest classes came from the University of Phoenix’s online program, Webster University, the University of Oklahoma at Norman, and Brandman University.

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