The 10 most popular countries for jobseekers

A new study of Google search trends shows the most in-demand employment destinations

The 10 most popular countries for jobseekers

The slowdown in international travel due to COVID-19 hasn’t stopped job hunters from taking a peek at employment opportunities in other countries.

A new study analysing Google search trends showed workers’ top choices for their next employment destination as well as the hottest industries across the world.

Of the popular work locations listed by Small Business Prices, Canada emerged as the world’s most desired country to work in, with a monthly search volume of 50,290.

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It’s the top choice of workers even in other advanced economies such as Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and the US.

Canada – particularly Toronto – is quickly emerging as a talent hub for the global technology industry, yet the country’s most popular job is accounting, with a monthly search volume of 4,400. This is followed by social work (3,600) and marketing (2,900).

But while Canada remains popular among jobseekers who are willing to relocate across shores, the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the country’s intake of immigrants, from a high of 35,000 new permanent residents to only a little over 4,000 in April, according to CIC News.

There are other options across the globe, however. Some popular employment destinations include:

  • Singapore – 39,690
  • Qatar – 39,150
  • UK – 30,370
  • Australia – 24,320
  • UAE – 22,230
  • Japan – 19,470
  • Spain – 13,970
  • Saudi Arabia – 9,940
  • Germany – 9,420

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The study also examined the 10 most popular jobs in the world:

  • Marketing – 54,250
  • Accounting – 44,820
  • Social work – 37,480
  • Engineering – 35,820
  • Pharmacy – 31,460
  • Psychology – 29,110
  • Sports – 27,850
  • Sales – 27,030
  • Health care – 21,750
  • Education – 17,880

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