Official accidentally broadcasts himself showering during meeting

It's one of the anecdotes brought about by the 'boom in teleworking,' he said

Official accidentally broadcasts himself showering during meeting

A man who works as a part-time council member for a small town in Spain has gone viral after a video of him showering during a meeting hit the internet.

As the video conference attended by officials, residents and the media progressed the whole morning, Bernardo Bustillo worried he would run out of time for his other responsibilities that day. He decided to step into the shower to get going while continuing to listen to the proceedings.

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Bustillo, however, forgot to switch off his video camera when he hauled his laptop into the bathroom. He only minimised the screen, assuming it would stop the video stream function. But the camera continued recording, giving all attendees a glimpse into his activity.

The group panicked over the councillor unknowingly broadcasting himself, but the mayor was soon able to end the conference just as Bustillo stepped out.

The councillor later apologised on social media but also felt “complete peace” knowing it was only one of the many “anecdotes” brought about by the “boom in teleworking” in recent weeks.

“I am sorry if someone might have been bothered by the images released,” he said in a letter published by Spanish media. “Personally, I do not feel I have to apologise for them.”

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The councillor wasn’t at all surprised that he had gone viral. “If the news also contains a nude, it is logical that it’d become viral in a matter of hours,” he said.

Bustillo, who also works as a swim instructor, said he had no qualms about his body being seen. An incident that could otherwise be a career-ender for anybody “isn’t a big deal” for him, he said.

“I’ve spent half of my life half-naked and have never been ashamed of nudity, whether my own or that of others,” Bustillo said, reflecting further how “the end of [his] political life” had to do with his “nakedness”.

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