Lighter side: The weird rules for Disney workers

Being a Disney princess can be a royal pain in the backside for Magic Kingdom employees, who must follow strict rules when dressed as their characters.

Lighter side: The weird rules for Disney workers
you’ve ever thought that donning the suit of your favourite cartoon character and bringing joy to children would be all fun and games, think again.

Workers portraying characters at any of Disney’s Magic Kingdoms must follow a strict serious of rules, according to the Daily Mail.

Here are some of the edicts they must adhere to:

1.They must provide answers to all questions
Staff members are not allowed to say, “I don’t know” when they are asked a question by a member of the public. They are given extensive training to be able to give correct answers to a wide range of questions and if they don’t know the answer, they must phone an operator for help.

2.They must not break character
Employees playing characters must never deviate from their part, including sticking to the character’s background story, voice and personality. They are also trained to be able to sign autographs in the style of their character.

3.They are not allowed to point with one finger
Pointing with one finger is considered rude in some cultures, so Disney employees must use two fingers to point. According to, using two fingers also makes it easier for children to see.

4.They must “swoop” to pick up litter
All workers have to pick up rubbish when they see it, but they aren’t allowed to just bend over and grab it – they must use a graceful “swooping” motion.

5.They cannot discuss their roles on social media
In a Reddit post, a user describing themselves as a Disney princess said that they weren’t allowed to post or talk about things they did as a character on social media sites, or even reveal which character they played.

6.They must adhere to the “Disney Look”
Employees have to follow “appearance standards” which are known as the Disney Look and govern everything from hairstyle to fingernail length. According to the Disney website, men’s hair must be “neatly cut on the back and sides, forming a smooth, symmetrical appearance so that it does not extend beyond or cover any part of the ears or the shirt collar”. Women must comb their hair and keep it in a “classic, easy-to-maintain style”.

7.No visible tattoos or body piercings allowed
Body alterations like piercings, earlobe expansions and skin implants are not allowed, but tattoos are tolerated as long as they are completely covered at all times.                 

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