Introducing the top Innovative HR Teams of 2023

Discover the latest success strategies used by this year’s forward-thinking HR teams

Introducing the top Innovative HR Teams of 2023

HR firms need to embrace innovation now more than ever. As new challenges arise, HR leaders set aside the traditional rules books and take a forward-thinking approach to the industry. 

The second annual Innovative HR Teams by HRD America recognizes firms breaking boundaries to move the HR profession forward in 2023.  

HR teams adopted new practices in the past year to meet the needs of employees, including software and technology to create a seamless employee experience, developing opportunities for growth and advancement within the organization, and compensation structures that strengthen internal and external equity.   

The most notable HR teams on the roster are adopting forward-thinking recruitment and retention initiatives that attract and retain top talent despite the continued labor crisis.  

 The landscape for HR is constantly evolving, requiring teams to draw on the creativity and experiences of the diverse businesses they serve to devise novel HR solutions. 

Access this exclusive report showcasing HR teams with agile, bold, and forward-thinking people strategies. Learn new techniques for talent management, diversity and inclusion, and health and wellness. 

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