HR executives criticized for “whining”, lack of experience

And by none other than a Columbia Business School professor and business advisor, at that

HR executives criticized for “whining”, lack of experience
olumbia Business School professor has criticized HR departments for hiring HR people who lack real-world experience.

Author and speaker Rita Gunter McGrath, who often talks about business strategy and innovation, said many HR executives have a “hole” in their resume.

“(Many organizations) are staffed by career HR people who may be very capable but whose knowledge of actual leadership activities is purely theoretical,” she wrote for the Wall Street Journal. “Companies should insist that nobody gets to have an important job in HR unless they have actually run a P&L, developed a strategy or executed against a major organizational change.”

She also criticized HR executives for “whining” about not having a “seat at the table”, instead of earning their spot there.

Lastly, McGrath pointed out that both HR and the entire business would benefit if other parts of the business dipped their feet in the area.

“Having respected line managers serve a stint in HR would do a lot for its reputation as a career backwater,” she said.

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