Employment Hero Review

See if this HR analytics software is right for your organization, primarily if you are based in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, or the UK

Employment Hero Review
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Your human resources are the backbone of the business, and knowing how your personnel fare with their job is critical. Human resource analytics (also known as people analytics) plays a vital role in any organization. It gives HR managers and key decision-makers insight into the current work situation of employees and how to improve internal work processes. All this to ensure the smooth delivery of products and services while maintaining a safe and happy work environment.  

In this Employment Hero review, HRD will give you an overview of its functionalities and analyze its core strengths. This should help you decide whether this HR analytics software is the right one for your organization.  

Employment Hero Review: what is Employment Hero? 

Employment Hero is well-known as a cloud-based human resource (HR) and payroll software based in Australia. However, it is worth noting that software platforms like Employment Hero often provide basic reporting and analytics features to help businesses gain insights into their HR and employee data. These reporting and analytics capabilities may include generating reports on employee demographics, leave balances, attendance records, and other HR-related metrics.  

Its website says it can help managers and other HR personnel understand its workforce based on demographics like age, tenure, gender, and location. Its data analytics capability can also help HR supervisors track critical tasks being worked on by a team or an individual employee and see how it progresses. With the data available, vital business decisions can be made effectively and efficiently, such as changes in some aspects of the existing processes and shifts in business strategy.  

Here’s an introductory video about this software: 

Employment Hero Review: how to use it 

This comprehensive HR and payroll software platform offers various features to streamline employee management processes. It does not only focus on data analytics, although this is a critical component of the entire system.  

The company's people analytics platform collects and analyzes data on employee demographics, performance, training, and other factors. This data is then used to create reports and dashboards that provide insights into employee engagement, retention, and productivity. 

Its people analytics platform can be used to: 

  • Identify areas where employee engagement is low and take steps to improve it 
  • Track employee turnover and identify trends that could lead to future losses 
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of training programs and make changes as needed 
  • Identify high-performing employees and develop them for future leadership roles 
  • Make data-driven decisions about compensation and benefits 

As a people analytics platform, it is a potent tool that can help businesses make better decisions about their workforce. By collecting and analyzing data on employee demographics, performance, training, and other factors, companies can gain insights that can help them improve employee engagement, reduce turnover, and increase productivity. 

Let us dig into other functionalities of this software and how to use them:  

1. Onboarding and Employee Data Management: 

  • Begin by adding employee information into the system, including personal, contact, and employment details 
  • You can use the platform to create and manage employment contracts, ensuring compliance with local regulations 
  • Set up employee profiles and define access levels for different users, such as managers, HR administrators, and employees themselves 

2. Attendance and Leave Management: 

  • Track employee attendance and manage leave requests through the platform 
  • Employees can log their attendance, request time off, and view their leave balances 
  • HR administrators can approve or decline leave requests, manage team schedules, and track attendance records 

3. Payroll and Benefits Administration: 

  • Configure payroll settings, including tax rules, pay cycles, and wage rates 
  • Automate payroll calculations based on employee timesheets and attendance records 
  • Generate pay slips and process payments while ensuring compliance with tax regulations 
  • Manage employee benefits through the platform, such as salary packaging options and discounts 

4. Performance Management and Feedback: 

  • Set up performance management processes, including goal setting and performance reviews 
  • Conduct performance evaluations and give feedback to employees 
  • Trace employee performance and identify areas for improvement or recognition 

5. Employee Self-Service and Communication: 

  • Employees can access the platform to view their personal information, pay slips, and leave balances 
  • Enable self-service functionality for employees to update their details, request leave, and access company policies 
  • Utilize communication tools within Employment Hero, such as announcements and messaging features, to facilitate internal communication 

6. Integrations and Support: 

  • The software offers integrations with accounting systems, time and attendance software, and other tools to streamline processes 
  • Use customer support resources, including documentation, tutorials, and user forums, to ensure smooth usage and address any questions or issues 

Employment Hero Review: pricing 

As mentioned, its products and services focus on payroll and human resource management, not people analytics. Therefore, the prices that will be reflected below are their payroll and HRIS (human resource information software) software:  

The HR module comes in four payment tiers: 

1. Hiring Essentials - free. This package covers the basics when hiring talent for your organization. This includes: 

  • Job board integration 
  • Candidate tracking & communication 
  • Paperless agreements 
  • Careers Page 

2. HR Standard - $8 per employee per month. This is ideal for any business wanting to try cloud-based HR for the first time. Includes:  

  • Onboarding Checklists 
  • HR Document Library 
  • VEVO Checks 
  • Leave Management 
  • Benefits and Discounts 

3. HR Premium - $11 per employee per month. Great for organizations with a focus on employee engagement and performance. Includes everything in Standard plus: 

  • Performance Reviews 
  • LMS 
  • Custom Reporting 
  • Asset Register 
  • Expenses 

4. HR Platinum - $15 per employee per month. Top-of-the-line package with advanced HR features. Includes everything in Premium plus:  

  • Unlimited Phone Support 
  • Goal Setting 
  • Custom Fields 
  • Custom Branding 
  • API Access 

The Payroll module, meanwhile, comes in two pricing options: 

1. Payroll Standard - $5 per employee per month. Covers the payroll basics. This package includes: 

  • Flexible Payroll Management 
  • ATO Electronic Lodgements 
  • Superannuation Processing 
  • Comprehensive Reporting 
  • Accounting Integration 

2. Payroll Premium - $7 per employee per month. Covers all aspects of payroll, from start to finish. Includes everything in Standard, plus:  

  • Pre-Built Modern Awards 
  • Time and Attendance 
  • Rostering 
  • Pay Conditions Engine 
  • Geo Tagging 

People analytics is just part of the platform’s reporting mechanism. This means that you need to purchase additional software if you want to dive into people analytics more and get an in-depth analysis of how your human capital is doing, what potential issues and concerns need to be addressed, and what measures should be in place to address these issues.  

You may use the built-in cost calculator on the Employment Hero website to have an overview of the potential cost of purchasing this software.  

You can also try their free HR software and trial and request a live demo. 

Employment Hero Review: Is Employment Hero safe? 

While it is always essential to conduct your own research and due diligence before adopting any software or platform, Employment Hero has implemented several measures to prioritize the safety and security of its users.  

Firstly, the platform uses industry-standard encryption protocols to protect sensitive data. This means that when information is transmitted between users and the platform, it cannot be easily intercepted or accessed by unauthorized individuals. 

Secondly, the developers implement strict access controls to ensure that only authorized individuals can access and manipulate data within the platform.  

User permissions can be customized to limit access to sensitive information, and multi-factor authentication is available for an added layer of security. This is highly important since you are handling delicate and private data.  

This platform is hosted on secure servers, undergoing regular security audits and testing to identify and address any vulnerabilities. They also have a dedicated security team that monitors the system for suspicious activity and responds swiftly to potential security breaches. 

It's worth noting that no software or platform can guarantee 100% security. Users also have a role to play in maintaining security by using strong passwords, regularly updating their credentials, and adhering to best practices for data protection. 

To ensure the safety of your organization's data, reviewing Employment Hero's security policies, terms of service, and privacy policy in detail is recommended. Consider contacting their support team if you have specific concerns or questions regarding the security measures they have in place. 

Employment Hero Review: benefits 

This HR software offers many benefits for businesses and their employees. Here are some key advantages of using Employment Hero: 

1. Streamlined HR Management: The platform provides a comprehensive set of HR tools in one centralized platform. This includes employee onboarding, time and attendance tracking, performance management, leave management, payroll, and more. It simplifies HR processes, saves time, and reduces administrative burdens. 

2. Compliance and Legal Support: Staying compliant with employment laws and regulations can be complex. This software helps businesses navigate through compliance requirements by providing access to resources, templates, and guidance on HR best practices. It also keeps track of changes in legislation and updates the platform accordingly. 

3. Employee Self-Service: The platform empowers employees by giving them access to a self-service portal. They can view and update personal details, access pay stubs and tax documents, request time off, view company policies, and collaborate with their team. This self-service functionality improves transparency, efficiency, and engagement. 

4. Performance Management: Its platform includes tools for setting goals, conducting performance reviews, and providing feedback. Managers can track employee progress, identify skill gaps, and support professional development. This fosters a culture of continuous improvement and helps align individual and company objectives. 

5. Payroll and Benefits Management: The platform simplifies payroll processing by automating calculations, tax deductions, and superannuation contributions. It integrates with major accounting systems and offers seamless payroll integration. It also provides access to employee benefits and perks, such as discounted health insurance and employee assistance programs. 

6. Communication and Collaboration: Employment Hero has communication features like newsfeeds, announcements, and document sharing. These facilitate better internal communication, enhance employee engagement, and foster collaboration across teams. 

7. Scalability and Integration: The software is designed to scale as businesses grow. It can accommodate the needs of small startups as well as larger organizations. It also integrates with popular third-party systems such as accounting software, time and attendance trackers, and recruitment tools, creating a unified ecosystem. 

These benefits improve efficiency, compliance, employee satisfaction, and overall HR management for businesses using this tool as their HR and data analytics platform.  

You may find this 5-minute video about the benefits of having this software in your company interesting:  

Employment Hero Review: competitors 

This HR analytics software has its share of competitors. While the company is based in Australia, it also serves companies and other organizations in New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.  

If you think that this is not the right software for you, check these brands for comparison:  

  • PeopleHR 
  • UKG Dimensions 
  • Visier 
  • NaturalInsight 
  • PageUp 
  • 360 Feedback 
  • Natural HR 
  • Winningtemp 
  • ChartHop  
  • CEIPAL Workforce 

Employment Hero Review: company information 

Year established: 2014 
Headquarters: Level 2, 441 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000 
Number of employees: Between 500 – 1,000 (based on LinkedIn) 
Number of businesses served: 200,000+ globally 
Key people: Ben Thompson (CEO), Dave Tong (CTO) 

Founded in 2014 by HR lawyer Ben Thompson and his partner Dave Tong, this HR software development company spearheaded the revolution of the HR world by providing technology for Aussie companies to streamline, simplify, and solidify their HR processes—from recruitment to payroll, from onboarding to offboarding.  

Since then, it has served more than 200,000 companies, not only in Australia but also in New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the UK.  

The company continues its development and expansion to serve more business organizations far and wide. Their research and development investment averages $25 million per year.  

Employment Hero Review: final thoughts 

HR analytics plays a vital role in understanding the people that work in your organization. A people-centered policy ensures the workforce's happiness and the organization's overall gain as people become more productive.  

While Employment Hero offers a comprehensive HR product, the software appears to lack complete, standalone HR analytics software which is helpful for HR practitioners and analysts to understand the needs and issues of the workforce fully. Nevertheless, its HR and payroll capabilities are perfect for organizations regardless of nature and size.  

If you’re still trying to find the perfect HR analytics software for your enterprise, you will find our comprehensive HR software reviews helpful in deciding what tool to choose.  

Are you using Employment Hero in your company? Share your own Employment Hero review by commenting below.

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