Employee termination ends in death

by Ben Abbott11 Aug 2014
Terminating an employee doesn’t literally end in their death, but that’s just what happened after an unexpected workplace altercation in Houston.
Following alleged behaviour that saw employee Malcolm Bakari McCloud disrespect his supervisor in front of customers, the supervisor made the decision to terminate him.
According to reports in the Houston Chronicle, he formed a posse with a colleague and approached McCloud to confront him with the news just before high noon, at 11:15am.
McCloud did not take news of his termination well, and after getting agitated began punching his accuser and threatening to kill him.
As the dispute escalated, McCloud produced a screwdriver and tried to stab his manager. In defense, the manager stabbed McCloud with a pocketknife, causing him to die at the scene.
The Houston Chronicle reports that, as yet, no charges have been laid against the manager, but that an investigation into the tragic layoff is ongoing.


  • by Michelle James 11/08/2014 11:48:01 AM

    Another sad example of weapon use in the US resulting in the death of someone - it just not a gun this time. I'm fairly certain if this incident occurred in Australia, charges would have been laid against the supervisor i.e. in possession of a lethal weapon at work; cause serious injury, for a start. I'm not sure that disrespecting your boss in front of a customer is grounds for a termination in any event. A very good example of how not to manage a disciplinary matter in the workplace.

  • by Deb 12/08/2014 8:57:26 AM

    I'm not really impressed by the tone of this article - nothing funny about violence and death in the workplace.

  • by Mark 12/08/2014 9:22:57 AM

    I must be missing something. Deb wasn't impressed with the tone of the article because she implied the tone of the article was humorous. I didn't get that all.

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