Rethinking your hiring in today’s world of work

Rethinking your hiring in today’s world of work

Businesses today are grappling with an increasingly familiar paradox: millions of open positions and not enough talent to fill those roles. Because of this, leaders like you need to shift their recruitment mindset.

This free and comprehensive white paper highlights the key lessons learned from a unique ‘community re-skilling’ model, and through practical insights, encourages you to rethink how to approach and resolve talent shortages. As HR continues to navigate the complex forces driving the new normal, learn how your organization can play an active role in building a resilient hiring ecosystem in today’s remote workforce. 

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  • The role of enterprises, local governments, and nonprofits in successful reskilling initiatives   
  • Practical examples of real reskilling programs and their outcomes   
  • The community reskilling model and how it might apply to your business 

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