Measuring these metrics can drastically improve your HR hiring process

Measuring these metrics can drastically improve your HR hiring process

Many HR professionals today are taking a closer look at their hiring strategy and questioning how it can be optimized so that the best talent decisions are being made across the entire employee lifecycle.

A fundamental part of this is knowing how to track metrics that hold high-value information, which once tapped into can reveal key areas for improvement and help to answer the bigger questions, such as whether you’re attracting the right candidates and where the company should invest budget.

This free comprehensive white paper from Harver will walk you through everything you need to know when building a strong hiring foundation and improving upon your existing process. Learn about the 8 key metrics - what they are, how to measure them, and above all, how to improve them for even better hiring results.

Download the free white paper today and learn about:

  • The top metrics and how you should be measuring them to quantify success and reveal areas for improvement
  • Steps you can take to improve each metric, and factors to consider when targeting problems
  • How to create consistency and fairness in your hiring process
  • How to tap into engagement levels early on to help forecast future productivity

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