HR professionals eye NYC, Europe for transfers

Start spreading the news: HR professionals from around the world want to be a part of it in New York, New York

HR professionals eye NYC, Europe for transfers
the market for a transfer? If you want to end up in New York, Europe or Australia, be warned: competition between HR professionals is hot. At October’s Worldwide Employee Relocation Council  conference in Dallas, Texas, HR professionals were surveyed on their dream relocation destinations.

While the US and Europe were the top two global picks, those who were specific named the following seven places as their top international dream job relocation hot spots:
1.    Italy and Australia (tied)
2.    France
3.    New Zealand
4.    Germany
5.    Singapore
6.    Spain
7.    Hong Kong

In the US, the top cities were:
1.    New York City
2.    San Francisco
3.    San Diego
4.    Boston
5.    Chicago
6.    Miami
7.    Dallas

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