Most organisations 'dangerously underprepared' for AI despite widespread adoption

Low AI literacy, lack of feedback loops, concerns on AI output holding back AI integration at work

Most organisations 'dangerously underprepared' for AI despite widespread adoption

The use of artificial intelligence among knowledge workers has surged in less than a year, according to a new report, which warned that organisations are underprepared for the technology.

Asana's State of AI at Work report found that 52% of knowledge workers in the United States and the United Kingdom now use generative AI weekly.

This is a massive 44% increase in just nine months, according to the report, which surveyed 5,007 employees.

Nearly nine in 10 daily AI users also reported major productivity gains, with the leading use for the tool being email generation (37%).

"It's not just about speed — it's the AI-powered ability to ensure every email is expertly tailored—clear, concise, and personalized at scale," the report read.

Source: Asana's State of AI at Work

'Dangerously underprepared'

Despite these gains, however, the report found that organisations have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to adopting generative AI tools.

"As AI permeates organisations, a troubling reality emerges: most are dangerously underprepared," the report read.

Only 31% of the respondents said their companies have formal AI integration strategies, while another 41% said their leaders do not actively seek feedback on using gen AI in their work.

These challenges extend to the workforce, as 64% of knowledge workers have "little to no familiarity" with the gen AI tool they could use for work, according to the report.

"This low AI literacy is not surprising, given that less than one in five employees (18%) report their organisations have conducted training for employees on using generative AI tools and only four per cent have developed a generative AI certification program for employees," the report read.

Nearly half of employees are also concerned of generative AI producing incorrect results, and that people will base decisions using unreliable information gathered using the tech.

Source: Asana's State of AI at Work

Opportunities for employers

Amid these challenges, the report warned organisations that they will struggle in taking advantage of the benefits from gen AI if they don't have a workforce skilled at harnessing its potential.

Concerns on AI's accuracy underscore the need to invest in AI tech built on a "strong, robust data model," the report read.

Feedback loops are also essential as listening to employees' experiences on the tools is "crucial for identifying pain points and opportunities."

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