'Time to Make Amazon Pay': Workers to strike worldwide on Black Friday

The campaign is making several demands on wages, transparency, and sustainability

'Time to Make Amazon Pay': Workers to strike worldwide on Black Friday

Amazon employees have announced that they will be holding a strike against the company on Black Friday, November 26, to call for a better workplace, among other demands.

The strike is part of the "Make Amazon Pay" campaign, which is a coalition of 70 trade unions and organisations, Business Insider reported.

"We are workers, activists, and citizens from across the globe joining together to Make Amazon Pay its workers fairly, for its impact on the environment, and its taxes," the group said in a statement.

According to them, the pandemic "exposed" how Amazon puts profit ahead of its workers and society.

"Amazon takes too much and gives back too little. It is time to Make Amazon Pay."

The campaign is demanding Amazon to make several changes in five key areas.

  1. Improve the workplace. The group wants higher pay for all Amazon warehouse workers, including hazard and premium pays. They are also calling for the suspension of the "surveillance regime" the company implemented and said paid sick leave should be extended.
  2. Provide job security to all. Amazon is also urged to end all forms of casual employment and reinstate terminated staff who spoke about the health and safety of the company.
  3. Respect workers' universal rights. The campaign is asking Amazon to respect workers' rights to organise and end union busting. It also called on the company to grant unions access to Amazon worksites to inform workers the benefits of unionisation.
  4. Operate sustainably. Amazon is also encouraged to commit to zero emissions by 2030, end all customer contracts for fossil fuel companies, and halt the company's complicity to "environmental racism."
  5. Pay back to society. The company is also urged to pay its taxes in full, especially in countries where "real economic activity takes places." Amazon should also stop tax abuse through loopholes and be transparent in its taxes.

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Amazon in a statement to the Business Insider said that it is already "inventing and investing significantly" in some of the demands of the campaign, including the ones on wages and benefits, as well as commitment to zero emissions.

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