Hot topic: Still the 1940s? Sexism in the workplace

These readers' stories of sexism are so atrocious you'll find it hard to believe this exists in the 21st century

Hot topic: Still the 1940s? Sexism in the workplace
When we shared stories of everyday sexism in the workplace, we were shocked to receive even more responses that displayed the overwhelming breadth of the problem.
Even in Accountancy - still happens. "Are you one of the secretaries?"
Other side of the coin - it happens in reverse, a male friend works as a volunteer in an ED; he wears a red shirt with Volunteer printed across the front and back. He is quite often called "doctor' by patients!
Another recent example was when I was interviewing a male candidate for a role. together with the "Chair" of the board, also female. The candidate spoke over us both, answering questions before they were even finished and generally treated the whole interview as pretty much a foregone conclusion. He was shocked to learn that he had not been successful; and actually believed that we had been sexist against him.
(Not so, we appointed another GENTLEman). – Vera P

My question is not intended to offend, but I wonder if a percentage of sexism is driven by an older generation where females in certain positions simply didn't exist 30yrs ago. Think about it - it wasn't that long ago where it was rare for females to be pilots, large animal vets or even tradespeople such as carpenters, etc. If that can be accepted, perhaps a large percentage of the sexism is occuring unintentionally simply due to it not being "the norm". And if that's the case, maybe sexism will simply, err, die out.... – Deborah Pearson

And it won't change until the men in industry change and support the women. Women "leaning in" cannot bring about change on their own. – Helen Harvey

Don't kid yourself! These behaviors were rampant in the 1970's! I remember "girlie" pictures hung around offices, disparging remarks made about "women's issues", assumptions that a demanding female boss was "on the you-know-what" (it's too offensive to even write!) or needed to get ... well, you-know-what about that one, too. The feminist movement put an end to a lot of that garbage however, as the article proves, we've won some battles but still not the war! How sad.... – Chris

Whether you’re male or female, have you witnessed or experienced sexism? Share your stories.

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