Hybrid work opening up more opportunities for women: survey

Work from home and office positively impacting career progression, inclusion, mental health

Hybrid work opening up more opportunities for women: survey

Hybrid work has opened up greater opportunities for women, according to a new report.

More than six in 10 (66%) women in a new survey from the International Workplace Group (IWG) said hybrid work helped level the playing field for career progression.

In fact, the work arrangement has enabled 53% of the respondents to go after promotions or apply for senior roles, while 43% said it allowed them to move into their new industry.

Hybrid work for minority groups

Women with minority backgrounds also benefited from the arrangement, as 61% said it allowed them to apply for promotions or more senior positions, and 73% said it opened up more opportunities for them that they would not have had otherwise.

According to the group, hybrid work has also:

  • enabled them to be more productive and efficient (44%)
  • helped them learn more about other roles at their company (49%)
  • increased their visibility with senior leadership (32%)

Work from home and office improving inclusion

This comes as 70% of the respondents said hybrid work has helped their job become more inclusive, according to the report.

Some 61% of respondents with a mobility disability agreed with this sentiment, with 86% saying hybrid work made office-based jobs more viable for them.

Even among those suffering from mental health conditions, 27% reported improved mental health due to hybrid work, with 70% saying it had a positive impact on their careers.

Hybrid work boosting work-life balance

Authorities across the world have long been encouraging employers to offer hybrid work arrangement, citing its potential impact on work-life balance.

IWG's report provides proof of this, with 89% of respondents saying it helped them in balancing their work responsibilities and family commitments. Other benefits they cited include:

  • more personal time to pursue passions outside work (38%)
  • lower commuting costs (38%)
  • increased productivity (24%)

Fatima Koning, Group Chief Commercial Officer, IWG, said their latest research is proof that hybrid working is a "transformative force in achieving a more equitable workplace."

"This shift is not only enhancing work/life balance but also fostering a wealth of new professional opportunities. Having personally experienced the myriad benefits of hybrid working, it's heartening to witness its role in driving diversity and inclusion, allowing more women to thrive in their chosen fields."

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