8 in 10 employees report downsides to summer flexibility policies

Employees in Canada, U.S., U.K. say they can’t take advantage of flex benefits: survey

8 in 10 employees report downsides to summer flexibility policies

Eight in 10 employees in three countries have admitted that there are negative aspects to expanded flexibility policies during the summer season, particularly for productivity.

Dayforce's survey among 2,838 full-time employees in the US, Canada, and UK revealed that 58% of them are in organisations offering some form of summer flexibility. These benefits include:

  • Flexible work hours/schedules (32%)
  • Increased work from home options (22%)
  • Summer Fridays (19%)
  • Seasonal work from anywhere options (17%)

But 84% said they can't enjoy these benefits to the fullest - with 30% saying they're too busy to take time off, according to the Dayforce report.

Nearly a quarter also said there's no one to cover their work if they're not present (24%) and they are also concerned about getting negative perceptions from managers or colleagues (23%).

Negative sides of flexibility

These summer benefits come amid strong demand from employees - 72% said they value flexibility in the summer season.

But some 80% also admitted that there are downsides to having these benefits, with 31% citing reduced productivity due to fewer coworkers being available.

A quarter also said they suffer from increased anxiety about trying to do more work in fewer hours.

Employees also admitted finding it hard to disconnect, with only 39% saying they can completely unplug while on vacation.

What can employers do?

Dayforce recommended promoting the importance of fully unplugging to staff to encourage the usage of summer benefits without employees fearing negative repercussions.

Managers should also be aware of changes to vacation policies and have the avenue to raise input.

According to Dayforce, it is also important that organisations assess the effectiveness of their benefits and adjust them based on feedback and utilisation.

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