Comment of the week: Employees prefer to roll over paid time off

Do your employees feel so vulnerable to layoffs that they accrue leave just in case their employment is terminated? That’s what one reader ponders

Comment of the week: Employees prefer to roll over paid time off
pite low levels of paid time off in the US, many employees aren’t using the leave available to them. On Monday, we reported that 73% of organizations say their staff leave behind at least three days of vacation each year.

And that’s just the way staff like it, with 69% of North American workers intending not to use all their time off in 2013, according to a recent Right Management survey. Reader Carol Brendle suggested that perhaps staff were feeling vulnerable despite a recovering economy.
"Perhaps they are saving vacation time as a buffer against a layoff."

So, does a rollover vacation policy provide staff with greater peace of mind? Continue the discussion in the comments.

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