These are the best companies to work for if you’re in HR

What happens if you rank Fortune’s Most Admired Companies solely by HR functions? Here’s what the list looks like

These are the best companies to work for if you’re in HR
you’re wondering which companies offer you the best future in HR, try looking to this list. Hay Group took the Fortune rankings for Most Admired Companies, and whittled them down so that they were only ranked by HR-related attributes. These factors include people management, innovation, product/service quality and management quality.

While some of these may be more hype than substance, it’s still interesting to note that many of them are located on the west coast. Better get familiar with California law if you want a chance with many of these:
  1. Apple, California
  2. Qualcomm, California
  3. Exxon Mobil, Texas
  4. Royal Dutch Shell, The Netherlands
  5., Washington
  6. Google, California
  7. Whole Foods Market, Texas
  8. Nordstrom, Washington
  9. Marriott, Maryland
  10. Starbucks, Washington
  11. Walt Disney, California
  12. Nestle, Switzerland
  13. Nike, Oregon
  14. Caterpillar, Illinois
  15. JP Morgan Chase, New York
  16. Deere, Illinois
  17. VF, North Carolina
  18. American Express, New York
  19. Boeing, Chicago
  20. Colgate-Palmolive, New York

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