The one thing your employees would change

New study offers insight into what employees really want from their managers – are you lacking the same thing?

The one thing your employees would change
Managers can have a profound effect on employee engagement and overall productivity – but whether you’re looking to improve your own leadership skills, or those of the supervisors around you – it’s vital that you know how employees really feel.

Now, a new survey by TINYhr is offering industry professionals some valuable insight into what workers really want by asking; “If you could change one thing about your manager, what would it be?”

And results have revealed managers seem to have one major weakness…
More than 1,000 employees responded to the study and results show that, most of all, there is some serious room for improvement regarding communication skills. Somewhat worryingly, three of the top five responses focused on interpersonal skills.

The top five
  • Become a better, more open communicator – 15 per cent
  • Have the boss quit or retire – 11 per cent
  • Improve empathy and people skills – 10 per cent
  • Increase raises – 8 per cent
  • Become a better collaborator, team leader – 7 per cent
Added info

The survey also asked respondents to provide some added information. Some of the comments offered include:
  • “More supportive and responsive to all staff”
  • “She needs to work on her people skills and needs to learn to listen”
  • I would have my boss improve their communication skills to be more direct and empowering than passive aggressive and emotional.
The report warns leaders not to let communication skills lag behind. “Open communication and transparency are much-desired characteristics of both a manager and a workplace. Employees want to know what is expected of them, and want someone to turn to for help and guidance.”

Do you have any top tips for improving communication and interpersonal skills? Share your advice below.


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