Revealed: Best destinations for digital nomad workers in 2022

Fancy working somewhere stunning where income taxes are zero? Read on…

Revealed: Best destinations for digital nomad workers in 2022

HRD is pleased to announce the 2022 World’s Best Nomad Visa.

For many employees and self-employed people, working no longer means a set location and some want to supercharge ‘work-from-home’ with international travel.

Technology has enabled the rise of the digital nomad, a worker or entrepreneur who can work anywhere, so long as they have a viable internet connection.

It may mean finding a single location or travelling to many, perhaps for several years.

We’ve looked at the range of countries across the world that actively welcome digital nomads, often as they endeavour to rebuild their economies post-pandemic.

In making our decision for the 2022 Best Digital Nomad Visa, we considered not only the geographical appeal of locations but also the economics; if you’re escaping high taxes or rising living costs then moving somewhere more costly won’t work, even if the beach is amazing!

The cost of the visa itself, essentials such as rent and groceries, along with a few treats such as a restaurant meal, have all been included.

Click to discover which country offers the 2022 Best Digital Nomad Visa.

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