Ontario job grant to subsidise up to 66 per cent of employee training costs

Ontario employers offered the opportunity to builder stronger, more skilled workforces thanks to new government grant.

Ontario job grant to subsidise up to 66 per cent of employee training costs
loyers across Ontario are being offered the chance to improve the strength and skill of their workforce thanks to a new federal government grant.

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is a pilot project that began almost a year ago, in March 2014 but is only just getting off the ground in Ontario.

"It’s a program many employers might want to take advantage of," said Rod Palmer, training facilitator at CSE Consulting in Prescott. "It's a good way for employers to get more skills training for their employees."

The scheme works on the premise that the federal government will pay up to 66 per cent of skills training for employees in Ontario, up to $10,000 per person. According to Palmer, it’s as simple as filling out the paperwork.

In some cases, employers will even be able to hire unskilled employees and apply to get them the skills training they need for the position.

"It allows them to expand their workforce options," said Palmer.  Hopefully, if the employer has a more qualified and better skilled staff of employees, then the business will be more successful and hire more employees."

However, employers looking to take advantage of the new scheme should expect to pay all costs upfront – the costs are then reimbursed by the government after proving the employee has completed the training.

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