Lighter Side: The best (worst?) ways people have quit

This week we saw a TV reporter quit on air, but she is far from the most creative resigning employee.

Lighter Side: The best (worst?) ways people have quit
would be nice for HR if everyone wrote polite letters giving reasonable notice, but those who quit in extreme and entertaining ways definitely make for better stories.

Read the stories below and consider whether you’re living vicariously through the quitter, or just feeling sorry for HR. 

1. The Barbershop Quit-tet
This barista quit with help from a barbershop quintent on the Steve Harvey Show:

2. “We’ve got ta-co”
Workers at a Chipotle near Pennsylvania State University closed their doors and left a sign stating "borderline sweatshop conditions" as their reason.

3. Banding together
Joey quit his job at a Renaissance Hotel with the help of a marching band.

4. Gone bananas
A man dressed up as a banana and quit his job at an insurance company, mariachi band in tow.

5. All a Twitter
Jonathan Schwartz, former CEO of Sun Microsystems, announced his resignation with a cute haiku on Twitter.

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