Lighter side: Synergize your deliverables with Weird Al

In his latest video parody star Weird Al mocks corporate double speak. Which of these are you guilty of?

Lighter side: Synergize your deliverables with Weird Al
rd Al Yankovic has been top of the news cycle this week with eight videos in eight days including “Tacky”, “Word Crimes” and now “Mission Statement”.
The last and latest mocks the corporate jargon that is now a daily part of life in many organisations.
“I wanted to do a song about all the ridiculous double-speak and meaningless buzzwords that I've been hearing in office environments my entire life,” Yankovic told the WSJ. “I just thought it would be ironic to juxtapose that with the song stylings of CSN, whose music pretty much symbolises the antithesis of corporate America.”
Here are some of the phrases Yankovic is picking on – which do you use daily?
  • Enhancing corporate synergy
  • Transitioning our company
  • Client centric solutions
  • Monetise our assets
  • Value added experience
  • Leading edge
  • Gaining traction
  • Paradigm shift
Watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comments.


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