Lighter side: Fancy becoming a doctor of chocolate?

If you’ve been considering a career change, there are plenty of interesting roles available – everything from being a professional banana ripener to researching chocolate.

Lighter side: Fancy becoming a doctor of chocolate?
you’ve got a European passport and feel like furthering your university education, Cambridge University a sweet role on offer.

The university is looking for a doctoral student to study the fundamentals of chocolate in an effort to find ways of preventing chocolate-based food from melting in warm climates, reported.

According to the article, only European citizens can apply for the role and the winning candidate will work with experts in chemical engineering, geotechnical engineering and soft matter physics.

If you fancy something a bit fruitier, a job advertisement for a banana ripener was posted on the auction site Trademe.

The New Zealand Herald reported that MG Marketing required a professional ripener to oversee the consistency and quality of its bananas.

Candidates were required to have experience in banana-ripening, which is done using heat and ethylene, along with a forklift licence and team leadership skills.

Trademe also had a listing for a chicken catcher – needed to catch chickens from farms to transport them to plants – and a car and dog wash attendant.

If none of those jobs appeal, you could become a wrinkle-chaser – a job that involves ironing the wrinkles out of shoes using a hand iron or a hot air blower, according to Thought Catalog.

The site also lists Imax screen cleaning and professional snuggling as obscure but reasonably well-paid jobs.

What would be your ideal job – even if it doesn’t exist yet?

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