Lighter Side: 15 positions with the highest salaries at Facebook

Spoiler – CEO isn’t one of them.

Lighter Side: 15 positions with the highest salaries at Facebook
Facebook is arguably one of the most successful organizations in the world and it’s safe to say most companies would be keen to learn a thing or two from the man at the helm – so why not start with what he’s taking home?

Believe it or not, Mark Zuckerberg’s annual salary is just $1 – but that doesn’t mean the global juggernaut underpays employees in other positions. Here are the 15 highest paid salaries at Facebook, according to Glassdoor.
  1. Engineering manager - $164,999
  2. Senior software engineer - $159,545
  3. Software engineer - $155,071
  4. Technical program manager - $149,581
  5. Product manager - $146,490
  6. Database engineer - $141,635
  7. Research scientist - $137,032
  8. Data scientist - $135,769
  9. Software engineer IV - $135,561
  10. Production engineer - $133,097
  11. Network engineer - $132,341
  12. Product designer - $132,174
  13. Product marketing manager - $126, 142
  14. Software engineer - $125,491
  15. User interface engineer - $122,441

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