IRS offers wiggle room on ACA

Employers are under pressure to comply with the Affordable Care Act but an IRS spokesman says there’s a possible reprieve

IRS offers wiggle room on ACA
loyers across the country are under pressure to comply with the Affordable Care Act but it seems there may be a second-chance for those who miss the deadline.

In a recent conference call on payroll, an IRS spokesperson reminded employers that there is a 30-day reprieve available.

The extension applies to the returns organizations are required to file with the IRS as well as the form they must distribute to employees.
The extension is available on:   
  • Form 1094-B
  • Form 1094-C
  • Form 1095-B
  • Form 1095-C

In order to take advantage of the extension, employers must complete Form 8809 and submit it by the reporting deadline.

Remarkably, that’s not all.

It seems the initial 30-day extension can be extended if “extenuating circumstances prevented filing by the date granted by the first request.”

Employers simply have to request a second extension before the first one expires – and prove they had valid reason for missing the deadline, of course.

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