How to keep your remote employees engaged

What’s the key to keeping your remote employees engaged? According to industry experts, creating a “connection culture” is key…

How to keep your remote employees engaged
rise of telecommuting might mean your company is less limited by locational ties but maintaining a motivated workforce becomes harder than ever. Industry experts Michael Lee Stallard and Colton Perry say creating a “connection culture” is key.

Over the last decade, telecommuting has become one of the fastest growing trends in the corporate world and it’s estimated that telecommuting rose 79 per cent between 2005 and 2012. More and more companies are adopting remote employment as a means of attracting top talent and lowering costs but, according to Stallard and Perry, there’s still one stumbling block; “technology can never fully replace the intangible benefits of human connection.”

But the pair are certain employers can overcome the obstacle by creating a “healthy connection culture that engages people by keeping them feeling connected to the organization while working in your virtual workplace.”

Here’s how:

“Maximize face time with remote workers,” advise Stallard and Colton. While some fear that technology is no match for human interaction, employers can now utilize programs like Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts to facilitate the next best thing.

“Reserve a time for this type of communication at least twice a month in order to maintain a healthy workplace relationship.”

“Keep multiple lines of communication open and make sure your remote workers are aware of those lines.” It’s vital that your remote employees feel like they have a means of communicating opinions and ideas.

“Give your remote employees opportunity for growth.” Remote employees often work longer but are rewarded less. It’s a trend that needs tackling if you don’t want your offsite workers to feel like they’re going to be stuck in the same position.

“Micromanaging your remote employees will stifle their growth and tell them they are not valued. If you want them to grow, practice trust, delegate responsibilities and reward their achievements.”

“Speak candidly about things other than work.” Stallard and Perry advise employers to foster a personal relationship as well as a professional one.  Personal relationships in the workplace encourage a sense of connection and improve productivity.
Do you have trouble keeping your remote employees motivated? If not, share your tips for success…

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