Fun Friday: Frontliners dance to keep pandemic blues away

Too stressed? Get up and dance!

Fun Friday: Frontliners dance to keep pandemic blues away

COVID-19 has exposed how the world is extremely vulnerable physically and mentally. It also made everyone aware of the importance of people working in healthcare and other essential sectors.

And as the world continues to struggle in lockdown, huge chunk of workers who are unable to work from home are left with not much choice but to risk their lives everyday just to continue delivering quality services and earning for a living.

But how do some of them cope? They dance.

Aside from offering essential services to the public, some frontline workers have not failed to uplift everyone as they share videos of them dancing, having fun, and sending important message while the pandemic rages.

Here are some of the most notables ones:

1. The Swab Squad


A post shared by TJUH Pool (@tjuh_pool)

These healthcare workers at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital shared on Instagram a series of videos of them dancing last year at a parking lot - boosting their popularity that even landed them a segment on the American daytime television programme The Ellen Degeneres Show.

One of their most popular ones was a video of them dancing to Ciara's song "Level Up," which got them a nod from the singer herself.

"Seeing the Doctors and Nurses of @Tjuh_pool do the #LevelUp Dance brings me so much joy. Grateful for each and every one of you! You all are on a whole nother level for how you’re working so hard and sacrificing so much to take care of everyone!" she said on Instagram.


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2. SPC Dancing Riders

If they're not making deliveries, these food delivery drivers from the Philippines are out dancing - sometimes featuring managers of local food chains, or even better, with other delivery riders from rivalling companies.

The group first became popular on TikTok before their dance videos began making their way on other social media platforms. SPC's most popular one was a "collaboration" with other dancers from a competing food delivery company in the Philippines.

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3. PAK’nSAVE Dancers

Next on our list are dancers from a supermarket store in New Plymouth, New Zealand - who also made rounds online last year after their viral video dancing to Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive" and Pharrell Williams' "Happy."

Peter Melody, the store's owner, told Stuff in an interview that they wanted to uplift the mood amid the pandemic - a message also echoed by other dancing frontliners out there across the world.

"We wanted to lighten things up a bit, it's a serious issue that we're in but there's no reason you can't have a bit of fun and give people a bit of laughter and joy in the middle of it," he told Stuff.

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