Fast-forward – 2020’s most valuable skillset

Don’t neglect your organisation’s future during the onboarding process – experts have detailed the skills that HR must start looking for to ensure success over the next five years.

Fast-forward – 2020’s most valuable skillset
2020 may sound like a distant future, but it’s only half a decade away. Researchers from a US online university have compiled a list of the skills employees will need to have by then.

The skill requirements will be brought about by six key drivers of change:
  • Longevity
  • Smart machines
  • Computational world
  • New media ecology
  • Super structured organisation
  • Globally connected workforce
The ten key skills outlined in the prediction for the next five years were:

Sense making
An ability to determine deeper meaning or the significance of what’s being expressed will be driven by the rise of smart machines and artificial intelligence.

Social intelligence
Related to the sense making skill, an ability to connect to others in a deep, direct way in order to sense and stimulate reactions will be key to leveraging desired interactions.

Novel and adaptive thinking
Innovative thinking and the ability to adjust stance will continue to be critical for companies looking for unconventional solutions and responses from their workforce.

Cross cultural competency
This skill will require the ability to operate in different cultural settings, which will be driven by continued globalisation and super-structured organisations.

Computational thinking
Driven by an ongoing evolution of new media and technology, employees will need to have proficiencies in translating vast amounts of data into abstract concepts as well as understanding data based reasoning.

New media literacy
The value of this ability will be driven by innovations in media combined with corporate longevity. This is the ability to critically assess and develop content that uses new media forms, leveraging these platforms to communicate persuasively.

Transdisciplinary skills
Literacy in, and an understanding of, concepts across various disciplines will be vital for employees hoping to contribute to the increasingly competitive workforce. This will allow employees to take full advantage of globalised business.

Design mindset
An ability to develop tasks and work processes to achieve business objectives will become a more prominently fundamental skill.

Cognitive load management
Being able to filter information for relevant details will be beneficial, particularly alongside an understanding of how to maximise cognitive functions.

Virtual collaboration
The ability to work productively, drive engagement and demonstrate presence as a member of a virtual team will become increasingly important.

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