Dare to do data

The future of HR decision making is in data and analytics, but is your team lacking key skills?

Dare to do data
a-based decision making is objective and informed, leading to better long-term results compared to the intuition-based decisions many organizations have historically relied on. HR has an important role to play in leading their organizations into this brave new analytical world.

“I think we’re moving from a period when HR was trying to be more strategic, to where HR is now really leading with data,” Salesforce VP of recruiting Jesper Benson said. “We’re building credibility and gaining the support we need through data with our business partners clients and executive leadership.”

However, many HR departments don’t have the skills necessary to be organizational leaders in data and analytics.

“There is a much greater need for data and analytics, and analytical skills that haven’t been resident in HR,” Laura Croucher, partner and national leader of KPMG’s people and change solutions practice, said. “The first challenge is definitely lack of skills in data and analytics – not just having access to data, but being about to use it.”

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