Co-working spaces: the secret to telecommuting success?

Shared spaces are increasingly springing up across Canada – could they be the compromise everyone’s been looking for?

Co-working spaces may be most commonly used by one-person start-ups but, when more employees than ever are saying flexibility is a big motivator, could they be the compromise everybody’s been looking for?

Here’s why HR might just have something to gain from suggesting convenient co-working spaces: 


Many employers worry that workers’ productivity suffers when they clock-in from the comfort of their own home but shared spaces mean your employees are surrounded by hard-working entrepreneurs rather than being tempted by day-time T.V.


Being surrounded by a bevy of other professionals isn’t just good for productivity; it brings the possibility of potential new clients. Every day your employee is in the office, they’re also at a valuable networking event that could bring in new business.

“Several spaces even have community organizers, who are responsible for knowing everybody’s business and making introductions between people who might be able to help each other,” says Sarah Kessler, who recently switched to a co-working space.

Meeting clients

If your employee has to put in face-time with potential new clients, it’s often impractical for them to work from home and it’s not always professional to take them to a café. However, if they set up shop at a more convenient co-working space, your employee can still invite clients into a somewhat traditional office environment.

“Belonging to a co-working space often includes access to conference rooms, which can lend some credibility to your business meetings,” adds Kessler.

“Free” L&D

Of course there is a cost involved with all co-working spaces but there are perks that come with the payment.
“Most co-working spaces host events and seminars that appeal to their members,” says Kessler, who encountered monthly talks with female entrepreneurs, classes on case study growth strategies and expert panels on specific business topics. 

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