Calling all hairy HR professionals!

Is that a hair on your lip? Submit your most interesting Movember efforts and win a tasche-tastic top prize.

Calling all hairy HR professionals!
December draws closer, scores of men across the world (and your office) will be eagerly awaiting the day they can shave their meagre moustache. Others, however, may feel different, having grown attached to their lovely lip-tickler.

Whichever camp you’re in, we salute anyone who got involved with this year’s Movember efforts. What once started in a South Australian pub has now grown into one of the world’s top 100 NGOs, raising hundreds of millions of dollars for worthy causes, increasing awareness of men’s health issues and all the while giving everyone in the office a good laugh.

So, to prove how proud we are of all you hairy-lipped HR professionals, we’re giving away one luxury shaving kit, worth up to $100, plus a $50 donation to the winner’s charity of choice.

To enter, simply submit a photo of your top-quality crumb-catcher to [email protected] and tell us a bit about yourself. Feel free to include any extra information about your ‘tache too. Does it like long walks along the beach or cosy nights in, cuddled up by the fire? You tell us.

Entries should be made before Friday 28 and we’ll announce the winner on Monday, December 1! 

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