Acumatica Review

Read our Acumatica review to determine if this is the right enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for your company's needs

Acumatica Review
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  2. Acumatica Review: Features   
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  5. Acumatica Review: Is Acumatica the right ERP software for your business?

With its industry-specific and focused cloud-based platform, Acumatica is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that enables your business to grow and expand. Acumatica uses its feature-rich and highly customizable platform to meet your business’ needs.

Using its highly intuitive, award-winning user interface, its myriad of integrative tools and applications, and its flexible licensing options, Acumatica helps your business grow beyond your expectations.

From its real-time business insights, its synchronized automation and machine learning technologies, and its personalized industry-specific features and applications, Acumatica is one of the most widely known ERP solutions in the market. 

In this review of Acumatica, HRD will go over Acumatica’s industry-specific features and HR solutions. We will show how Acumatica uses its ERP platform to navigate through the norm of the digital workplace model.

Acumatica Review: What is Acumatica?

Acumatica is designed to help small- to mid-sized businesses reach their organizational goals by taking advantage of its myriad of applications. From customer relationship management (CRM), financial management, project accounting, to distribution management, construction management, manufacturing management, inventory and warehouse management, and e-commerce, Acumatica enables your business to thrive with its focus on customer-driven innovation.

Other key features on Acumatica’s ERP platform are:

  • Sales order management
  • Purchase order management
  • Requisition management
  • Recurring revenue management
  • Cash, currency, and tax management
  • Asset monitoring
  • Compliance management
  • Payroll management
  • Service management

Is Acumatica an ERP?

Yes. In terms of being a SaaS, Acumatica brings various benefits from being an ERP platform. These include:

  • Cost savings: Acumatica is a cloud-based software that can be run remotely. It significantly reducing expenses in maintaining and providing network infrastructure.
  • Flexibility: Accessibility and feature-rich applications enable your business to use Acumatica at the right place at the right need without worrying about reduced productivity.
  • Security and accessibility: Users can access the platform in a safe, secure environment through Acumatica’s robust servers and hosting providers.
  • Scalable and agile:  Acumatica supports businesses of any size and industry. It can be scalable and agile according to your business needs and/or growth and expansion plans.

Acumatica Review: Features

As a modular, SaaS subscription cloud-based platform, Acumatica is a software that handles multiple business processes and functions through its industry-specific and company size-based editions.

Acumatica has these industry-specific editions such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Construction
  • Commerce
  • Field service
  • General business
  • Financial management
  • Project accounting
  • Payroll management
  • Customer relationship management

Some of the features that Acumatica provides include:

  • Financial management: Includes a general ledger that incorporates real-time analysis, accounts receivable and payable accounts, cash, currency, and tax management solutions, fixed assets management, and recurring revenue management.
  • Distribution management: Helps you track, fill orders, and take control of your distribution system. Make full use of Acumatica’s inventory, sales order, purchase order, and requisition management apps to keep an eye on your inventory better.
  • CRM: Acumatica can help you improve your customer service by managing customer information and supporting marketing, sales, delivery, and quote functions. The system also gives an analytical view of how your business handles operations through its customizable dashboards, business intelligence capability, automated workflow processes, and one-stop customer self-service portal.
  • Project accounting: Acumatica’s project accounting suite allows your financial analysts to track project costs, conduct budgeting, and perform time and expense management.

Here’s a short video that shows how Acumatica works:

Who uses Acumatica?

Acumatica serves over 10,000 users worldwide in industries such as:

Agriculture and farming    Government        
Construction    Manufacturing           
Chemicals       Property management  
Education   Retail and e-Commerce   
Energy & Utilities     Services     
Equipment rental      Software and Technology 
Distribution  Telecommunications     
Food and beverage     Transportation    
Healthcare  Travel and hospitality   

What companies use Acumatica?

Some of the well-known businesses and organizations that use Acumatica include:


Acumatica Review client logos

How much does Acumatica cost?

Depending on the applications you want your business to use, the type of license you plan to consider, and the projected resource consumption, Acumatica costs can vary.

For an additional fee, your business can use the different application functionalities such as:

  • Advanced Financials (GL, AP, AR, Cash Management, Tax): General Ledger, Accounts Payable with AP Automation, Accounts Receivable, Credit Management, and Collections, and others
  • CRM: Customer management, CRM Salesforce Automation, CRM Marketing Automation, CRM Service & Support Case Management, Customer Self-Service Portal, Acumatica for Hubspot Connector
  • Distribution: Order Management, Sales Order Management (Pricing, Returns, and Shipping), and Purchase Order management, among other features
  • Retail: Acumatica Point of Sale, Shopify Point of Sale, Commerce Connectors, BigCommerce Connector, Shopify Native Connector
  • Manufacturing: Bill of Materials and Routing, Production Management, Material Requirements Planning, Manufacturing Product Configurator, Manufacturing Estimating, Manufacturing Advance Planning and Scheduling, Engineering Change Control, Manufacturing Data Collection, Arena Native Connector
  • Construction: Construction Project Management, Construction retainage, cost codes and compliance, Construction ProCore, ProEst, CFMA Benchmark Integrations, Service Management, Equipment Management, WorkWave Route Optimization Native Connector 

You can also choose between these licensing plans:

  • Software-as-a-Service: Annual subscription license hosted on public cloud. You pay a monthly fee for your IT infrastructure and chosen upgrades.
  • Private cloud subscription:  Hosted on a private cloud server. Acumatica’s PCS allows for an annual subscription license where you can choose where the software is hosted and when updates are applied.

Acumatica Review: company overview

Headquarters address: 3933 Lake Washington Blvd NE #350, Kirkland, Seattle, Washington, 98033, USA

Year established: 2008

Size (number of employees): 500+ employees as of 2021

Office locations: Kirkland, Washington USA; Montreal, Quebec Canada; London, UK; Cape Town, South Africa; Bangkok, Thailand; Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Key people: John Case (CEO), Wayne Kimber (CFO), Mike Shchelkonogov (Founder and CTO), Sanket Akerkar (CRO), Martha Lucia Groulx (CPO), Todd Wells (CMO), Ali Jani (CPO), Sean Chatterjee (VP, Americas), CJ Boguszewski (VP, Partner Programs and Strategy)

Founded by five colleagues from Parallels Software, Acumatica was established in 2008 to develop an automated billing solution for the ERP industry. Mike Shchelkonogov, Acumatica’s CTO and Parallel’s Serguei Beloussov and John S. Howell, Jr. created Acumatica to focus solely on ERP software as a split company from Parallel.

A year later, in 2009, an on-premises version and SaaS version of their billing solution was launched to offer functionality for financials/accounting services to small- to medium-sized businesses.

In 2014, Acumatica’s xRP cloud platform was launched, with it being integrated with Amazon Web Services, SQL Azure, and Microsoft Windows Server on its SaaS product. Recognized as one of the top cloud vendors, supply chain management software, and cloud ERP solutions, Acumatica remains to be one of the most known ERP solutions in the market.

Who are the competitors of Acumatica?

Although Acumatica is a well-known popular enterprise resource planning software, there are other competitors in the business support industry that might be a better fit for your needs, such as:

Acumatica Review: Is Acumatica the right ERP software for your business?

Acumatica is a powerful ERP suite that can help you manage your finances, engage your customers through adept CRM tools, and track and monitor your assets with automation and machine learning technologies.

Most of Acumatica's features are aimed at financial and manufacturing-based industries. For businesses in other industries that might need a bit more support, Acumatica has a robust specialist support team and a training guide. These tools can help train users and customize the platform to suit business needs.

Acumatica’s non-user-based pricing models and its pay-for-what-you-use structure allow you to finetune the modules and choose only the features that you really need. Automatica also uses industry-standard customization tools such as C# and .NET which are commonly used by developers and IT specialists.

In case Acumatica isn’t a good fit for your business, explore your options - see our HR software reviews page for other ERP tools.

Do you have any experience using the Acumatica platform? Share your feedback in the comments box below.


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