Lighter side: World’s laziest employee?

HR professionals often have to discipline “lazy” or unproductive employees, but we think this guy might take the prize for the person who worked the hardest to avoid doing his job

Lighter side: World’s laziest employee?
n an employee is unproductive it often falls to HR to facilitate disciplinary procedures and help the employees to improve. Unfortunately, some employees seem willing to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid doing their jobs.
Kentucky Mail carrier William Morse fits into that category, and his refusal to do his job ended with police finding 44,900 pieces of mail horded in his dead mother’s house and a separate storage unit.
"He wanted to speed up his route," said Capt. Craig Patterson, who arrested Morse. "I think he was lazy."
According to attorney David Hale, Morse dumped mail and destroyed mail for two years, before being caught in March 2013.
Morse, who had been a letter carrier for five years, was sentenced to six months in jail followed by six months' home incarceration for destroying, hiding and delaying the delivery of U.S. mail. He could have been sentenced to up to two years in jail, but was given the lesser sentence because he had not stolen items from the mail. Morse was instructed to pay $14,808 in restitution to residents, a bank and two other businesses for their losses.
Morse's lawyer, Patrick Bouldin, said his client was going through a divorce and had to pick his kids up from school on the days he worked: "It's not that he was stealing anything from it.”
Despite hording mail for more than two years, Morse’s employer never caught him – he was only found out when the storage facility owner saw inside the unit Morse rented and realized what it contained.

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