Lighter side: Passive aggressive office notes

The state of the kitchen, smelly foods, disappearing office supplies – when coworkers disagree it seems passive aggressive notes are the communication tool of choice

Lighter side: Passive aggressive office notes
A l
ot of HR is all about communicating, but unfortunately many employees haven’t gotten the memo (there was a memo, right?) about talking to their colleagues.

The website Passive Aggressive Notes collects all kinds of notes from around the world, but the office seems like prime note-writing territory. From the standard “The dishes fairy doesn’t work here” to strange lengthy notes accusing the cleaning staff of stealing shoes, sometimes small work problems can escalate into serious conflict.
Here are some of HRM’s favourite notes:
Ethics crusaders resorting to desperation in this Vancouver office.

Do you have to score low before you can help yourself to candy?

When William Carlos Williams complains about food theft.

We have to admit – we kind of agree with this one.

What are the worst (or best) notes you’ve seen in your office?

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