Innovative HR Teams 2020

Trustpower’s people and capability team has redefined its purpose to ensure everyone’s clear on what they’re supposed to do – to enable employees to have purpose, mastery, and autonomy in their roles and teams and to shift their mindset so they can adapt quickly. To drive changes in line with its purpose, the team created more space for organisational development conversations, coaching, and work.

The P&C team also redesigned the employee experience to prepare the company for the future of work. Initiatives included:

  • reducing the number of employment policies from 19 to five policies and four guidelines to foster greater autonomy and trust;   
  • launching a new onboarding system to allow new people to experience company culture, without the need for a rigid task list;   
  • revamping corporate induction programme to be less formal and more consultative; and
  • making organisational change more fluid with regular, quick tweaks, rather than formal restructures that create stress and uncertainty.     

“We have continued to build on a team and organisational culture that promotes innovation through allowing people to work with autonomy, provides psychological safety to experiment, and allows for fluidity of organisational structures,” said Paula Stenhouse, P&C manager. “This has resulted in a move away from core processes that have compliance and conformity at their heart.”