‘Strong collaboration between HR and IT is critical to success’

by John Hilton17 Jul 2017
At the upcoming HR Tech Summit in Sydney, one of the panel topics for discussion is Leading Technology projects - building a strategic HR-IT alliance.

David Dunne, Head of People Systems & Operations at Salmat, is one of the panellists and said that this topic is particularly important for HR professionals.

“Having an effective HR Technology solution in place is becoming increasingly important for businesses,” he told HRD.  

“There are a vast amount of options available to choose from, and the process can be quite daunting for HR professionals.”  

Dunne added that engaging your technology peers early and leveraging their expertise at every stage - from vendor selection and evaluation through to go-live - will make the process of implementing a HR Technology platform significantly easier and more effective.   

“With new technology, the traditional boundary between technology and business stakeholders is blurring, which means that in some areas less technical input is required and in others more input is necessary,” he said.

“The bottom line is technology underpins everything we do, and having strong collaboration between HR and IT is critical to success.”

Dunne said that events like the HR Tech Summit are very important for HR professionals because sometimes they can feel like the challenges your organisation is facing which are insurmountable and/or unique.  

“Events like the HR Tech Summit bring like-minded people together to share insights, challenges, success stories and ideas, and more often than not result in tangible learnings that you can take back and apply in your business,” he said.   

“There is no substitute for talking to people candidly about their experiences.”    

At the HR Tech Summit, Dunne and his panellists will also discuss:

•    How HR directors will join forces with CTOs to discuss ways that IT and HR can work together to create successful solutions.
•    Collaborative development efforts that blend HR knowledge and IT knowledge
•    Securing IT stakeholder buy-in to ensure effective implementation
•    Working effectively with IT teams who may not understand the needs and nuances of people management
•    Should HR or IT own HR technology roll-out?

David Dunne will be discussing Leading Technology projects - building a strategic HR-IT alliance at the HR Tech Summit being held at the Hilton Sydney on 13 September. Click here for more details and to register.



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