Lighter Side: HR among most amorous at Christmas parties

by Nicola Middlemiss11 Dec 2015
Contrary to what many might believe, HR professionals are among the most badly-behaved departments when it comes to the Christmas party.

That’s the conclusion one UK-based lingerie shop has reached after asking 2,000 working adults about their annual antics at the office bash.

A staggering 72% of HR professionals surveyed said they had embarrassed themselves at the staff do by kissing a co-worker, having sex with a colleague, or by getting incredibly drunk.

HR takes the title as third naughtiest industry, missing out by a minimal margin – IT took the top spot with 76% of professionals admitting to one of the three digressions and legal followed in second with 74%.

Health and education workers were significantly more composed, with 52% of health workers admitting they’d indulged in the aforementioned bad behaviour and just 45% of teachers.

The study also revealed some other interesting figures:
  • 39% of employees admit to have sex with a colleague at the Christmas do
  • 50% of workers say they’ve kissed a co-worker at the annual party
  • 20% of employees said they’d gotten embarrassingly drunk at the party
A spokesperson for Ann Summers, the company behind the interesting survey, urged people to embrace possible antics in the office.

“You spend so much time with your colleagues at work that it’s easy to fall for them,” they said.

“Don’t be shy, have a cheeky snog and get away with it.”

We’re not entirely sure this is solid advice to trust if HR professionals want to come out of the Christmas party unscathed…


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