KFC pledges 1,000 jobs across Australia

by Miklos Bolza30 Aug 2016
Fast food mega-chain KFC has promised to bring in 1,000 jobs across its 630 restaurants as part of a new campaign by News Corp Australia.
The initiative, entitled 5,000 Jobs in 50 Days, aims to help first time jobseekers find a foot in the market and boost the national youth unemployment rate.
HC spoke to Rob Phipps, chief people officer at KFC Australia, to see how the organisation plans on recruiting such a large number of staff.
KFC Australia encourages anyone who is interested in working for KFC to take a leap and apply,” he said.
To make applications more accessible, all restaurant roles are advertised for on a dedicated careers page.
“In addition to job opportunities, our website includes videos from actual employees providing insights into what it is like working at KFC; a section for parents and career advisors; and an FAQ page,” Phipps said.
“Because of our culture, our staff often help the recruitment process via word of mouth. We find that our employees are our best advocates.”
These 1,000 incoming staff will be a combination of fulltime, part-time and casual employees, he added. This added flexibility means a broad range of applicants can apply.
KFC Australia has made this pledge because we are deeply committed to creating a workplace that gives all Australians an opportunity to develop the life skills they need to reach their full potential.”
To bolster this commitment, KFC has also developed a branded ‘People Promise’ for its staff, Phipps said.
“We promise to help our staff to: Be their Best Self, Make a Difference, and Have Fun! By implementing this People Promise through carefully developed programs, we strive to maintain a workplace where all employees can confidently grow both personally and professionally.”
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