ACTU moves to disqualify commissioner

by Human Capital19 Aug 2015
The Australian Council of Trade Unions has confirmed it will apply for royal commissioner Dyson Heydon to disqualify himself as head of the royal commission into trade unions.

Heydon, a former High Court judge and head of the royal commission into trade unions has come under scrutiny after he cancelled his planned address at what turned out to be a Liberal Party fundraiser, claiming he overlooked the connection of the event to the party.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the ACTU secretary, Dave Oliver, said action had been decided upon after Tony Abbott failed to shut down the enquiry.

“Given Tony Abbott has failed to act, the ACTU must now take further action,” the ACTU said in a statement.

The ACTU's application will be heard on Friday.



  • by CJC 19/08/2015 10:48:08 PM

    So it seems to be getting hot in the kitchen for the 26 union officials referred to law enforcement agencies. Am I cynical or is the ACTU concerned with losing more members or having the term "unreliable witness" used against one of it brothers? Replace the Commissioner and the facts won't change but the ACTU's impact on the taxpayer will increase. Maybe the ACTU is banking on a change of Government.

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