Revealed: What today’s jobseekers want

by HRD16 Oct 2017
The competitive job market coupled with the changing expectations of candidates means that it’s more important than ever to be in touch with what they want.

In particular, they are looking for roles which test them, fulfil their desire to belong to their workplace and give them the flexibility to maintain a healthy work-life balance, according to Jason Laufer, senior director of talent and learning solutions, LinkedIn APAC.

“They want positions of purpose and workplaces that equip them with the skills to make a difference,” Laufer told HRD.

Indeed, recent research from LinkedIn found that 1 in 2 professionals would be motivated to look for a new job opportunity if they weren’t being challenged in their current role.

“As such, it is critical for organisations to reflect the ever-changing expectations of their employees and future candidates by listening to their needs and making them feel valued,” said Laufer.

“Candidates also want a lot of information before they join the company about its vision, the opportunities for career growth and the team they will be working with.”

The company’s own website (64%) followed by LinkedIn (40%) and Search Engines (39%) were the three most used channels to research/learn more about the job opportunity.

“This reinforces the fact that companies need to build a strong employer brand on these channels to ensure they are attract the best talent,” he said.

So what’s Laufer advice to HR professionals to keep up with the evolving nature of employee expectations?

LinkedIn recently asked what would make professionals feel they belong to the company they work for.

“The responses were mixed, but the majority said that being recognised for their accomplishments, having opportunities to express their opinion and feeling that their contributions in team meetings were valued, were all central to their sense of belonging in the workplace,” said Laufer.

Moreover, a majority of professionals said poor company leadership or management is the primary cause for why they look for new job opportunities.

“Therefore, as the workplace continues to evolve, it is essential employers broaden their offerings to accommodate a wide range of employee expectations,” said Laufer.

“Whether it be offering employees flexible working hours, encouraging them to participate in additional training or giving them opportunity to stretch, it is essential that companies are dynamic and strategic in the way that they attract and retain talent.”

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